Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails
Hiking Trails

At Jordan EcoPark, we offer a variety of walking tours, both to explore within the borders of the park, and in the surrounding region and communities.


The tours help our visitors identify plants and animals, learn about the local area, discover Jordan’s natural beauty, and to enjoy the energy of nature.


We offer different organized walking tours within the park.  They are customizable further based on request, are designed for adults and children alike, and are led by a local, trained staff member.



The water frog tour

This short, 1 kilometer tour leads from the Information Center up the walking trail to the wetlands.  From there, the tour loops past the Geo-dome, and then returns to the Information Center.  This tour costs 2 JOD per person.


The longest walking tour

This is our longest walking tour at 5.5 kilometers. It starts at the Information Center, and then leads up the walking trail to the wetlands.  From there, the tour loops past the Geo-dome to the dam vantage point.  Pictures can be taken of the dam and the surrounding countryside.  Then, the tour winds it way around the entire dam.  This tour also ends at the Information Center.  This tour costs 5JOD per person.


Customized tours

We are also currently offering tours to the nearby Ziglab Springs as well.  These water hikes do involve getting wet, so dress appropriately.
For more information on this tour and on its duration and costs, please contact us.

Finally, the remoteness of the Jordan Ecopark allows us to offer you a wonderful and magic star sky! Enjoy a walk under the stars up to the Geodesic dome where you can sit and watch the stars! After this experience, you can return to your cosy cabin or tent and dream about the galaxy and universe up there!

Please note: that for all of the above tours, guests are strongly advised to wearlong sleeveslong pants, and a good pair of walking shoes.  A hat and water bottle are also strongly recommended.

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