The EcoPark consists of 17 EcoLodges with accommodation for a total of 47 people. All rooms are provided with air-conditioning and WIFI services. Three types of rooms are available:

Wooden Cabins:

17 cabins designed to provide the perfect way for you to experience nature, which can occupy 49 person. All cabins are air-conditioned with private bathrooms.

Different capacity of cabins are available:

5 triple-occupancy deluxe cabins with panoramic view.

8 double-occupancy cabins. Two of which are accessible by wheelchairs. 

4 family cabins can occupy up to 5 persons.

Wooden Cabins


The EcoPark offers a shady, flat camping areas for backpackers, with access to toilets and hot showers, electricity, drinking water and Wi-Fi.

Price JOD
  • 70 JOD
    Quadruple Standard Cabin
  • 70 JOD
    Triple Deluxe Cabin With Panoramic View
  • 60 JOD
    Triple Standard Cabin 
  • 45 JOD
    Double Standard Cabin 
  • 10 JOD
    Extra Mattress
  • * Please note that price do include a 16% tax

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