About Jordan EcoPark

Jordan EcoPark ( previously known as Sharhabil bin Hassneh) is considered a leading model for preserving ecologically important habitats In Jordan. It offers country living at its best whilst providing ecological benefit back to our land. Since its establishment, wildlife on the park has been flourishing and it has enabled many locals and tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature in the Jordan Valley. It is a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered. The park is a unique concept in Jordan and suitable for different age groups. It is a perfect get away for both families and youth and it offers its services and a wide range of activities at very affordable prices.

About//Jordan EcoPark
About//Jordan EcoPark

Activities and Services

Cycling is good for both mind and body Another sustainable activity, is the rental of bicycles, so you can leave the car and explore the surrounding area by bike. We ...

Nothing is as adventurous as riding the EcoPark’s longest Zipline in Jordan Feel the crisp breeze, when you are riding the longest Zip-line in Jordan with 550m l...

The dome of SHE EcoPark was built to draw attention to ecological building ...

We organize workshops at the  EcoPark to educate guests about the civil issues related to creating a sustainable relationship with the environment. These workshops t...

We believe that the best way to explore nature is by foot Visitors of Jordan EcoPark can enjoy the beauty of nature in the upper Jordan valley area, and learn more abo...

Many people choose to bring their own picnics into the SHE EcoPark, an action we encourage.  However, should you want a hearty Jordanian-style breakfast, lunch, dinn...

At Jordan EcoPark, there are many recreational activities to engage in: picnicking, hiking, bird-watching, photography, meditating in nature, biking and other adventure activities.

Jordan EcoPark also offers structured tours of the park and the nearby communities, as well as workshops to teach about biodiversity, mud building and other EcoPark related skills.


Jordan EcoPark has several types of accommodations for its over night guests.

The EcoPark consists of 17 EcoLodges with accommodation for a total of 47 people. All rooms are provided with air-conditioning and WIFI services. Three types of rooms are available:

stay image
stay image

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