More Activities

The SHE EcoPark has even more fun activities, such as a Bedouin tent, picnic area, geodesic dome and theater, information center and gift shop, Ziglab Dam, and more…

Bedouin Tent:

Visiting the EcoPark’s Bedouin tent has a special flavor: here you can enjoy tea, goat milk and cheese, or upon request, mansaf, the national dish of Jordan.  Visitors will have a chance to see nature and the Bedouin nomadic people as they have existed throughout history

Picnic Area:

Shaded squares invite picnic lovers and visitors to stay. Benches and tables, nearby drinking water, swings and other playground equipment for children provide enjoyment and relaxation. The picnic area is located in a quiet place suitable for family activities, school trips and much more.

Parking Area:

Parking is located at the entrance of the park, a short two minute walk away from the visitor center.  Spaces are shaded and are available for all sizes of buses, RVs and cars.

The Information Center and Gift Shop:

The Information Center has a small shop for snacks and handcrafted goods, as well as kitchens, a toilet, and friendly staff members. Additionally, this is where you can buy a copy of The Field Guide to Wild Flowers of the Sharhabil bin Hassneh EcoPark, our beautiful flora guide.
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Ziglab Dam:

Is a small lake formed by the first dam in Jordan. The dam feeds many of the northern Ghor plantations. Its main source is a cold river coming from the village of Marhaba. The river has many pools and waterfalls and slides. The area is an immigrant bird resting station and archeologists have found many Neolithic and iron age artifacts there. The lake is clean and cold and has an expansion of 3 football fields. Nevertheless, due to our hot summers the lake shrinks and is out of service from the end of September until the first heavy rains of winter.

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The Eco Park has shady, flat camping areas for campers/RVs and tents. Bicyclists are welcome. Those who stay at the campsite have access to hot showers, electricity, drinking water, WiFi internet, toilets, and showers.

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