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Many people choose to bring their own picnics into the SHE EcoPark, an action we encourage. However, should you want a hearty Jordanian-style breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee break, SHE EcoPark also provides the following meals.

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The tours help our visitors identify plants and animals, learn about the local area, discover Jordan’s natural beauty, and to enjoy the energy of nature.


All of the meals listed below can be ordered at any time with prior notice of 4 hours if you are staying in the park, or two days prior to arrival. Winter hours: The kitchen is open from 7:30am to 7pm. Summer hours: The kitchen is open from 7:30am to 9pm. Please note that prices do not include 16% tax.

Breakfast: 3 JOD

Includes: hummus, foul, boiled eggs, jam, labneh, chees, olive oil and thyme, bread and fresh vegetables; served with Tea or coffee.

Lunch or Dinner: 10 JOD

Includes: Main course with chicken, yogurt, 2 kind of salad, hot appetizer and mixed cooked vegetables, served with soft drink or juice.

Lunch or Dinner (Vegetarian) : 10 JOD

Includes: rice and lentils (mejadara), bread, yogurt, salad and a cooked vegetable medley. Soft drinks are also served.

Coffee Break: 3 JOD per person

Includes : Tea, Milk, coffee, and water.

Other local meals:

These meals are customizable to your preferences; if you have a dietary restriction, or a very big appetite, just let us know! For instance, we can add mensaf, magloba or any other local traditional dish you wish to try. Also, meals can be prepared and eaten at the bedouin tent instead of eaten at the picnic benches.

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